Dr. Devin Jopp brings his model on Corporate Board Intelligence (CB-IQ) to your board or executive team. Whether you’re developing new and existing board directors or seeking an engaging keynote address for your group, we can help. Are you looking for that keynote that will enthrall and challenge your Board retreat or someone that can help uncover new innovation among your board members so that you can improve your organization’s market position? Dr. Devin Jopp, works with industry leaders to help guide them to next-generation board performance and leadership.

Dr. Jopp’s powerful keynotes range on a variety of topics geared towards boards and CEOs.  Sample topics of his speeches, include:

  • Practicing Boardcraft, Top Methods to Improve Corporate Board Intelligence
  • Aligning Board Effort to Shareholder Return
  • Board Recruiting Makeover: Top Tips to Attract and Return the Board you Want
  • The Board Innovator; How to Drive Innovation from the Top
  • Accountability Isn’t a Dirty Word: Enhance Board Goals and Performance

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